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What’s the deal with all this cold weather in April, huh? It makes me think that ski season never ended, after all! Speaking of the end of ski season, I want to tell you about what happened after the Olympics. The Olympics in Russia were definitely the highlight of the year; I had been looking forward to them for months and years, but the season didn’t stop after Closing Ceremonies! We still had World Cup race weekends left in Lahti (Finland), Oslo and Drammen (Norway) and Falun (Sweden). I was super excited to continue racing and although the Olympics had left me a little worn out, I also left Sochi very pumped up for more skiing!

Hi MYSL skiers! 

I want to give you the inside scoop on the Olympics, and let you know what it’s like to get to race at them! First of all, travel to Russia took a lot of steps; flying, checking in at customs, taking a bus to scan our bags, riding another bus, taking a gondola, then a shuttle…it was a long travel day! But once we made it to our village, we were able to settle in and we didn’t travel very much after that, since we lived on the top of a mountain. We had everything we needed up there! There was a huge dining hall with food stations from around the world, where they served food typical to Asia, the USA, Russia, and Central Europe. If you were thirsty, there were Coke machines around the village, and each athlete had a special key that let us get drinks for free. There was a huge game room for the athletes with pool, table tennis, Wii and lots of board games, as well as a disco, post office and store.

Hi there MYSL skiers!

I’m writing to you from Toblach, Italy, but a lot has happened since my last post after the Tour de Ski! Here’s the big news: I was named to the 2014 Winter Olympic Team! So, in only 4 days, I will be flying to Sochi, Russia to live in the Olympic Village and compete in the Games. I am very excited to represent Minnesota and the US in Cross Country skiing!

Hello MYSL Super Skiers! I’m writing to you from Italy…land of fresh pasta, gelato, sunshine and Dolomite mountains!

The last post I wrote to you was about where I was during the Holidays and how I spent Christmas break in Davos with my ski family. But the day after Christmas, the next adventure began! I bet you’ve heard of the Tour de France…but did you know that there is a Tour de Ski as well? It is made up of 7 races, over 9 days, in 4 venues spread out over 3 countries.

Hello again MYSL skiers!

I hope you are having a great winter, and staying warm…I heard it’s been freezing cold in Minnesota lately! I have been traveling all over the past three weeks, but this post I’ll tell you about what I was doing over the Holidays. This will be the first winter that I haven’t gone home to help my family decorate the Christmas tree, but I still had a really good week.

Hello MYSL Kids! I have some adventure to tell you about! The ski season has started, and for the last month I have been traveling and racing around Europe. I left home on November 15th, and I won’t be home until April…that’s about 5 months on the road! I think I’m pretty good at living out of my suitcase by now. Can you imagine spending half a year with everything you own in 2 bags? What would you bring with you? Besides a lot of ski clothing and skis, poles and boots, I bring a couple fun things with me to help me feel more at home.

Skiing is just around the corner, and this month I’m writing to you from snow up in Canada! Right now I’m at the last US Ski Team training camp we have before the race season starts. We started our camp in Park City, Utah, and then moved up North to Canmore for the last 10 days. The fun part about this camp is that we get to be on snow while we are in Canmore, thanks to a fun thing called “Frozen Thunder”. It’s a huge mountain of snow that the Canmore Nordic Centre saves under sawdust and woodchips all summer, and then spreads out in a loop as soon as it starts getting chilly in October. Sounds pretty cool, right? Skiing on snow in mid-October? Even though we are going in the same circle as many as 30 times during a training session, the views from the ski trail are amazing with snow-capped mountain all over and a fun rollerski track and running trails available if we get tired of skiing. But so far, nobody is tired of the loop at all and every morning tons of skiers are out on the snow with huge smiles on!

Hey MYSL Kids! I’m out east, in the land of Maple Syrup…Vermont! This past month I’ve done some traveling, from my last camp with the US Ski Team girls in Alaska to Minnesota for 2 days, to Thunder Bay up in Canada, and back to my Stratton Mountain School (SMS) club team here in Vermont. I was able to spend some great family time in Thunder Bay at my Grandma’s cabin on Lake Superior. I am actually a duel citizen of Canada and the United States since my Dad is a Canadian citizen and my Mom was born in Canada but got her US citizenship. It’s fun belonging to two countries at once!

Hi MYSL Kids! This time, your blog post is coming to you from the land of the Midnight Sun – Alaska! I just spent three weeks up in Anchorage for a girls US Ski Team training camp, part dry-land and part on Eagle glacier. It’s really great to be able to get on snow halfway through the summer and test out some new classic skis that Salomon sent me, and practice waxing them up so it won’t feel so strange in November when I get back to racing. It was very exciting to get to the glacier because we were flown up in a helicopter, and a hike that would have taken us 3 hours turned into a 10 minute ride!

Hi MYSL kids! I’m writing to you from Park City, Utah. It’s another beautiful hot sunny day – and it hasn’t rained once since I got here, almost 2 weeks ago! I feel like I am living in Paradise. I am sharing a condo up in Empire Village with my teammates, which is at 8,100 feet of elevation. Compare that to the average elevation of Minnesota – 1,200ft, and I’m basically living 6,900 feet in the air above Minnesota! When you’re higher up, it’s much harder to breathe, and until my body adjusted it felt like I was trying to breathe through a straw. Try it sometime – it’s pretty tough, especially once you try climbing up the stairs!


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