Minnesota Youth Ski League

Mission Statement


The Minnesota Youth Ski League (MYSL) is a volunteer organization that offers children between the ages of 4 and 15 and their parents the opportunity to learn, develop and enjoy cross country skiing skills together. The League is a collection of neighborhood clubs, administered by a Board of Directors, offering leader training, festivals, and outreach programs which builds interest in cross country skiing. The Ski League clubs meet in many locations in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, greater Minnesota and Wisconsin for approximately eight weeks beginning in December or January. Programs emphasize fun, fitness and development of a life-long love for outdoor activities, (especially cross country skiing!), as the primary focus of this family organization. Parents are strongly encouraged to come and participate with their children. Skiers of all skill levels are welcome. Children must have their own equipment, though there is equipment rental available through some MYSL clubs and at many MYSL club locations.



The Minnesota Youth Ski League (MYSL) is a club-based organization that offers youth and their families the opportunity to learn, develop skills and enjoy cross-country skiing together.



The Minnesota Youth Ski League (MYSL) is synonymous with youth skiing. We are leaders in the XC skiing community at large, actively involved in all issues related to skiing.

We do this through:

  • Continuous growth and improved retention
  • Using a dynamic curriculum
  • Training all coaches in basic skills, with additional coach development available
  • Providing families with a choice of defined skill development paths, depending on their goals
  • Creating and maintaining infrastructure that supports networking in all directions: e.g. coach-to-coach, club-to-club, membership-to-Board, etc...

Updated June 2007