Minnesota Youth Ski League

New Club Drive

New Club Drive

New clubs are always welcome, with or without the option of our Club Equipment Program.

Potential new clubs must apply through the MYSL to be eligible.

MYSL collects a skier membership fee (scholarships are available). And there is also an equipment rental fee per skier that is put into a dedicated fund for your club.


  • Potential for 12 skiers.
  • Sufficient volunteer coaches and a designated Leader.
  • A chalet/building at your location where kids can warm up.
  • An eight-week commitment (clubs typically meet once/week for 1.5-2 hours).

BASIC CRITERIA to Apply for Club Equpiment Program

  • Ski rentals (of sufficient quality and affordability) not available at your location.
  • A small rental fee should be charged to raise funds to expand the fleet of skis (generally $30/child).
  • Club is responsible for maintainance, storage, distribution and waxing of the equipment.


  • Curriculum (six skill levels, eight-week daily lesson plans)
  • Level Awards/Incentives for skiers
  • Discretionary funds for club expenses ($5 per skier into a dedicated fund for your club)
  • Fleece hat for first year particpants
  • MYSL designed bibs with nametag slot
  • Insurance
  • Non-profit status
  • Administration and advertising
  • On-line registration with instant roster reporting and email list management
  • Website (web page for your club, lots of great info)
  • Online K Counter and incentive awards
  • Jessie Diggins Blog
  • Leader/Coach Training
  • Access to MYSL programs and events
  • Annual Skier Scoop Newsletter and regular SnowNotes email updates
  • Lots of helpful advice, encouragment and answers to your questions
  • And much more . . .

MYSL PROVIDES for Club Equipment Program

  • 10 sets of waxless classic skis
  • Online collection of rental fees and sizing info per child
  • Dedicated fund to expand club fleet in future years
  • Great prices on equipment purchases for club fleet

Tips on starting your own MYSL club!

Email Amy with questions or to apply.