Minnesota Youth Ski League

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Skill Levels

For children who are new to MYSL, assign child to the lowest skill level that spans their age as of Jan 1. If a child has skiied at least 10 times, consider advancing them one skill level. It is common for kids to repeat skill levels, so returning families need to choose a skill level based on last season's performance, but still staying within the age ranges. Coaches will asses children at the first meeting, but it is important for parents to accurately assign levels by age during the registraiton process.

Level Snowflake Group Name Age Range Criteria
1 Red First Steppers 4 - 7 Just starting to ski
2 Purple Climbers 6 - 8 Entry level, can dress and put on skis
3 Blue Gliders 7 - 10 Glides on skis, ready to learn the rhythm
4 Yellow Striders 8 - 12 Comfortable on skis, up and down hills, has mastered basics
5 Green Skaters 9 - 13 Learning to skate. At least one prior year of classic skiing is HIGHLY recommended.
6 Pink Nordics 11 - 14 Advanced skills, longer skiing, and short races
Silver Skis/ Skiwerx   Adventures in Skiing 9 - 15 Year around program for dedicated skiers
Junior Coach   Hero 12 - 18 Best scooter tag players - help teach younger skiers skills